Warrior Fans Having No Luck with Airfare to BCS Game

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Season ticket holders have snapped up more than thousand Superbowl tickets since they went on sale Monday.

There are plenty of game tickets.  The problem is airfare.

Fans are going online and finding holiday airfares are outrageous.

And many flights are sold out. Panda Travel has chartered an aircraft but you pay for this luxury.

"It's really tough because we tried outside and it seems like prices are going up by the hour we are hoping that Panda will take care of it and give us the whole package," said Warrior fan, Curt Young.

The price of a package is estimated at $3200.

Panda is trying to charter two more airplanes, but the travel agency is finding it difficult to get empty planes at this late of date.