Breakfast with Santa and His Friends

Bonnie Parsons
Bonnie Parsons
Santa Claus
Santa Claus

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Your family is invited to have breakfast with Santa this weekend. The annual Christmas fundraiser benefits Prevent Child Abuse Hawaii.  Here to give us a preview are Bonnie Parsons and Santa himself.

KRISTEN:  All the way over from the North Pole, thanks for stopping by, especially for us.

SANTA:  Absolutely.

KRISTEN:  First of all, how can people have breakfast with Santa?

BONNIE:  Well, we have breakfast two days,  Saturday and Sunday.  We have two seatings per day, 8:30 to 10:30 and 12:00 till 2:00, the lunch seating.  They can call 440-4613, we do still have some tickets left. Particularly for Saturday morning but we do have spaces available for the two days still.

KRISTEN:  So it's breakfast and lunch and they're literally there, sitting in the same room chatting with them.

BONNIE:  The kids can have a picture with Santa and of course, Santa brings along his goody bag for each child and each child gets a photo with Santa.  It's a full day, cartoon characters, crafts, after breakfast, they have crafts, they have all sorts of things to do, we have cartoon characters roaming around all day.

KRISTEN:  Including Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, Elmo...

BONNIE:   Oh, and we have Ronald McDonald will be there, one of two days, Hambuglar, the Geico gecko.

KRISTEN: Wow, as if Santa wasn't enough, right?

SANTA:  All my friends!

KRISTEN:  All your friends and Santa, how long have you been doing this?

SANTA:  I've been doing it forever.  And for Prevent Child Abuse, I've been there 21 years.

KRISTEN:  Wow, and tell us more about Prevent Child Abuse Hawaii.

BONNIE:   Well, the money that comes in for this particular event goes to our different programs that we do during the year and so we're looking, hoping to make about $50,000 for our programs so we can work with abuse shelters during the year.

KRISTEN:  Okay, so again, this weekend, breakfast with Santa and his friends. Bonnie, Santa, thank you for stopping by. The 21st annual Breakfast with Santa fundraiser is this Saturday and Sunday at the Japanese Cultural Center Manoa Grandballroom. That's at 2454South Beretania Street. Breakfast is from 8:30 to10:30. Lunch is from noon until two.  Donation of $20 includes a meal, photo with Santa, clowns, face-painting, games and crafts and costumed characters.