Sugar Bowl T-Shirts Being Printed

Chad Horimoto
Chad Horimoto

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Just seconds after the bowl announcement was made, a local t-shirt maker is printing up shirts for fans. Carin shirts supplies a dozen local stores with licensed University of Hawaii t-shirts. And the demand is incredible. All eyes are on the tv set. As soon as the BCS bowl matchups are announced, employees of Carin Shirts get much busier. Boxes of t-shirts are ready to go. The phone call comes in.

"Saying it's the Sugar Bowl so right now we are just waiting approval for the artwork so we can start making shirts," says owner Chad Horimoto.

The graphic artist has a design ready that will be transferred to the film positive. "The only design we worked on was for Sugar Bowl. We heard it was Sugar Bowl so we trusted it, " explains Horimoto.

Other t-shirts will illustrate the Hawaii-Georgia matchup.

"We'll try to start printing tonight as long as we get approval and it all depends on Brandon but I think he wants to get them in the stores tomorrow, " believes Horimoto.

You can get the bowl game shirts at stores including Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Hilo Hatties, military outlets, Longs and Sears.

And they fly off the racks.

"They gets in the store and it's sold out. Been hard to keep up with demand," laughs Horimoto.