Warrior Marching Band Getting in the Spirit for the Big Game

Brandt Payne
Brandt Payne

(KHNL) -- The game's been sold-out for days.  And now, the only thing left is to get it on!

It's not a rivalry game. But, it sure feels like one!

''Lots of emotions for tomorrow. I'm sure Washington would love to come and play spoiler," said Brandt Payne, Warrior Marching Band Director.  "But, I think with the BCS Hopes, the Warriors have got a lot more riding on this game and I think, as they've done all season, they'll pull through and bring home the victory for us."

There are no more tickets.

The Hawaii Athletic Department reminds Warrior fans, Friday is green out night.

But, there will also be a significant amount of purple in the stands, as the University of Washington is a favorite school for island students looking to experience life on the mainland.

''I think the official number is over 2,500 are graduates of the University of Washington and if you count the people who aren't official members, you're talking 5,000 plus," said Carmela Minaya, UWAA Hawaii Chapter president.  "I'm just hoping for a really good game and I know it's going to be really entertaining. So, it's pretty exciting times, right now."




You name it.

But, even if Hawaii should beat Washington, there are no guarantees.

Despite being undefeated, BCS organizers could still give the Warriors the shaft.

''Hawaii's going to be there tomorrow with 50,000 people. The Band. The Crowd. Everything rolling! They gotta get that BCS. If they don't get it, I'm going to personally swim to the mainland myself," said Corey Allen, a Warrior Marching Band member.

With an entire state, right behind him.