Hawaii Toy Stores Hit By Lead Recalls

Paul Lum of Cupcake Boutique
Paul Lum of Cupcake Boutique

HONOLULU (KHNL) - The massive toy recalls earlier this year have led to flat profits for Hawaii retailers. Babies love to eat everything, but make sure there isn't lead in those toys. Hawaii toy stores say consumer confidence is low after the recent lead recalls of tens of millions of toys made in china.

The Cupcake Boutique in Ward Center says the lead scare has affected its profits by about 15 percent this season. It had to call its distributors to find out if any of its products have lead. Owner Paul Lum says, "They've answered us, saying the merchandise we do carry here contains no lead. We only carried a few items anyways- stuffed animals, a puzzle that is made of ink."

US-made toys are a little safer. Although they may still use imported parts, manufacturers have more control over how they're put together and can test them more easily.

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