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November 28, 2007

Come Sail Away

...and here comes the superferry, again.   Thus far, the superferry has been more of a super mess with backroom rewrites, reneges, and make-goods.   But now is the time to see if this venture can succeed on its own merits, within the parameters that have been set up for it by the State and the courts.  And much like the zero tolerance policy which worked quite well at Aloha Stadium last Friday during a heated football game, the civil unrest and protests that might still take place must be conducted in a law-abiding, orderly, and conscientious manner, or the objectors acting objectionably must be dealt with swiftly and definitively.

Emotions often run high when change is in our midst, but sanity and safety must prevail as disparate voices continue to be heard.  There is a place in our society for dissension, disagreement, and redress.  After all, that's how this country was founded in the first place. Freedom of speech and freedom to congregate are wonderful rights, if used appropriately.  Bad actions by supposedly well-meaning people are still bad actions.  And no one is above the laws of the land, or sea.

Let's hope any remaining issues surrounding the Superferry are resolved in a timely and peaceful manner now that this vessel is set to sail, again.  And then we can all see if this new means of local transportation will ultimately appeal to the masses--both local and guests--as was intended and approved in the first place.  Think About It.

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