Kona Residents Cleanup After Torrential Rains

Darralyn Clark
Darralyn Clark

KONA, BIG ISLAND (KHNL)- Armed with shovels, and plenty of aloha, friends and neighbors begin the painstaking process of digging the mud out of Jack and Tina Turner's home.

"Apparently the river jumped it's banks and was diverted" said long time Kona resident Jack Turner.  "It wiped out the fruit stands up there, tore thru the farm and all the rubble came right onto our home".

Several fruit stands on the road above proved to be no match for the torrents of mud and water.

Several cars were also swept away.

"Yesterday we immediately knew something was wrong" said homeowner Tina Turner. "One river became three rivers,  and those became seven or eight rivers"

"It came  thru like a river it was 4 feet deep and up past your knees" said neighbor Darralyn Clark.

"It came thru here and down to the master bedroom and out the bottom side thru the wall".

Before the tons of mud blew through the Turner's home, it ravaged their farm.

Taking down  dozens of fruit trees, and everything else in it's path, including one of the family cars.

"They all ran to the vacant lot next door with all the dogs and waited for an hour because they were concerned the river was going to take the whole house down" says Clark.

But despite the damage, and the weeks work it will take to recover from just minutes of torrential rains, Tina Turner says her family remains thankful.

"Were blessed.  Were all okay and happy for all the friends and family in this area that have been so devastated".