UH Football Players Calling for the 12th Warrior

Colt Brennan
Colt Brennan

HONOLULU (KHNL)-- At home, the Warriors have won 14 of their last 15 games dating back to last season, their latest win taking place last Friday against Boise State.

Now the team hopes the fans out there, the 12th man, as the warriors call them, show up for what has now become the biggest game in Hawaii football history.

"For you fans out there, you guys played such a great role in our last victory and I hope you guys play a great one in this one because when we're down and we hear you guys screaming and yelling that gives us that extra energy that extra burst," said linebacker Blaze Soares.

"When I threw that touchdown to CJ, and the whole stadium knew we were minutes away from winning this, the way they ended that game the loud the intensity, it was really something special it was one of the best crowds I've ever played in front of, or been a part of," said Colt Brennan.

However, this Saturday, fans out there have a chance to one up themselves. for a 2nd straight game, the Warriors will play in front of a sold out crowd. And the stakes couldn't be any higher.

"I know everyone is real excited about the possibilities in front of us, you know everyone, the whole state needs to focus on Washington because we have got to win this football game." said Brennan.

"We understand that we've just gotta buckle down and press forward for the goals we've had this year, this game is the most pivotal game we've played all year, we're excited and we're focused and we're going to be ready," said Solomon Elimimian

And the warriors hope fans will be ready too. The team clinched an outright conference title last week, now they hope to end the year undefeated and secure a spot in a big bowl game.

"These fans are so great, I love it, Hawaii fans are the best and just want to thank them for coming," said Soares.