Oahu Residents Angry Over New Bus Routes

Cresncia Vite
Cresncia Vite
Greg Knudsen
Greg Knudsen

HAWAII KAI (KHNL) -- Cost cutting and efficiency, are the reasons the Honolulu Department of Transportation is realigning numerous bus routes in east Oahu beginning this weekend.

Starting Sunday bus riders in east Oahu are in for a big change.

In some cases the number of busses on some routes will be cut and some bus stops will be eliminated.

Cresncia Vite and her dad wait for the bus.  They are east Oahu riders fearful of the new routes.

"Yes they cutting the Lunalilo and Hawaii Kai they not going to come this way, they go by the freeway so only upper Aina Haina come this side," said Vite.

Bus stops like this one on East Hind Drive will be cut.

Posted signs educate riders on the changes.

"Well, it's kinda hard on the old, the senior citizens especially when they cross the street you might have accident."

The Hawaii Kai neighborhood board passed a resolution Wednesday night in opposition to cutbacks.

"There are some major changes that take effect this Sunday and there has been very little publicity about that," said Greg Knudsen, Neighborhod Board Chair.  "First there was little opportunity for the citizens to provide imput and to express their opinion about all the changes."

The city held public hearings and the changes have been planned for nearly a year.

Upper Aina Haina residents are hardest hit as the new service will be hourly.

"We don't mind if they get the number one bus up in Aina Haina if they give us more routes and we don't have to wait a long time."

"We feel these changes should be postponed and that a new round of public hearings held and that adjustments to the planned changes be made if called for."

Dozens of people signed this petiton opposing cuts to express line 80 A.

It goes from Hawaii Kai to the University of Hawaii and it's another route that is being realigned