Tight Security Planned Again for UH Game Against Washington

Lois Manin
Lois Manin

AIEA (KHNL) -- Like last week against Boise State, security measures will be beefed up especially down at field level in the wake of last week's post game celebration.

Although there were no major problems at the Boise State game, Aloha Stadium officials have tweaked their security plan for the Washington game, to prevent a repeat of one incident that could have posed a danger to fans

At the Boise State game, Warrior fans were so elated, they broke safety rules and rushed the field to celebrate.

It's a scene Aloha Stadium officials don't want repeated, so come Saturday when UH faces-off with Washington, fans won't be able to get away with this so easily. Stadium managers say more police will surround the field to make sure crowds stay in the stands.

"We're just asking people to not get carried away and hopefully we can keep the field clear and we can have that celebration at the end," said Lois Manin, Aloha Stadium Deputy Manager.

That celebration is UH's "Senior Walk", a ceremony in honor of those playing their last regular season home game.

Like last week, stadium management will also look out for unruly fans.

"We will shut down alcohol sales if need be if we're having potential problems. We did shut off alcohol sales at the end of the half time of the Boise State game and we always have that option," said Manin.

As the warriors prepare for their second straight sold-out game, police hope a historical victory will be a safe one.

One of the dangers with rushing the field is that there's a risk of people jumping on the goal post and bringing it down, potentially making it crash on crowds.

That's why police guarded the post at the Boise State Game.