Safety Alert: Treating Jellyfish Stings

Dr. Loren Yamamoto
Dr. Loren Yamamoto

(KHNL) -- Forget meat tenderizer or vinegar to treat the sting of box jelly fish encounters.  Here's the best way to treat a sting.

On some of Oahu's scenic and most popular beaches, jellyfish wash up and their stings make quit a painful impression on unlucky victims.

And depending on who you ask, there are different ways to treat the stings.

Dr. Loren Yamamoto was involved in a study to see which was most effective and found only one that really worked.

Because heat can penetrate the skin, where the toxin from the jellyfish has been injected. Hot showers are what hospitals use to treat patients but at the beach, it's a different story.

Right now lifeguards use vinegar to spray on the stings, and they say it seems to provide but Dr. Yamamoto wants to get the word out that heat helps best.

And for those in pain, it's also fast.

People can have allergic reactions to jellyfish stings. Some have trouble breathing, others go into shock and collapse. In these instances, call 911 immediately.