Safety Alert: Keep Pets Safe During Holiday Season

Pam Burns
Pam Burns

MOILIILI (KHNL) -- As we officially begin the holiday season -- our thoughts of good will and good health go to our family and friends.

Including, for some of us, our pets.

The holiday season can also hold unforseen obtacles for the four-legged members of our families.

Here's some Safety Alert tips to keep them from harm.

Spirits are starting to lift.

The holidays are here.

Yes, even for our pets.

And, the first safety tip addresses our becoming too generous during the season of giving.

The Hawaiian Humane Society says, keep your pets away from all that holiday people food.

''If you want to give your dog a treat, then give him a dog treat or a cat treat. No turkey, no chocolate, no grapes,"said Pam Burns of the Hawaiian Humane Society.

And there's another potential trouble spot that's probably standing right in your living room.  Be sure to safety check your brand new Christmas tree.

''Some of the preservatives we put in the water for the Christmas tree can be quite poisonous to animals, for dogs and cats," said Burns.  "So, if you're going to do that be sure to cover the base well. Also, those lights and ornaments. Make sure your pets not chewing the wire and climbing the Christmas tree. Make sure your pets are safe during the holiday season."

But, there is one holiday myth that needs to be exposed.

Despite all the rumors, the signature holiday shrub, poinsettia, is not poisonous to pets.

''It started with one case, many many years ago and it turned out to be false. So, poinsettias are not poisonous."

So, go out and enjoy the holiday season with your family pet, by simply making sure they are safe.

'It can be a crazy time of year. Make sure you give them the time they need during the holidays. They'll be well behaved. They'll be better pets. They'll be happy with you. You'll be happy with them and you'll all enjoy a happy holiday."