Fan and Players Ripped Off Following Game

Jan Hanamura
Jan Hanamura

HALAWA (KHNL) -- Many fans flooded the field after Friday night's Warrior win to celebrate. Unfortunately, others were there to rip people off.

Someone stole six helmets belonging to the players last Friday at the stadium.

And two fans reportedly had their cameras stolen.

Fans rush the field when the game ends. They crowd quarterback Colt Brennan.

Most celebrate, but some had ulterior motives.

Six helmets were stolen.

"Certainly it's not appropriate anywhere and I am sorry that it happened," said Head Coach June Jones.

Jan Hanamura is also a victim. Here he's taking a picture of himself standing next to Colt.

But his excitment didn't last long.

"I was taking pictures of myself and I don't know where a hand came in and stole my camera in the craziness of the crowd. I was pretty devastated," explained Jay Hanamura.

"I was next to Colt, had him on my shoulder lifiting him up. I had photos of that. Everything sunk, everything sunk in my heart."

Sports reporter Barry Markowitz mentioned the theft on a radio show.

"It was ironic," said Markowitz.  "I was shooting second before this UH student had his camera ripped out of his hands while he's documenting himself and Colt Brennan and players joy of a WAC championship."

A good samaritan wrote this check.

"He said Barry this is not pono, this is not right. We want to hep Jay. We want to restore the dignity of the Warrior football nation," said Markowitz.

"I got photos, got camera back, I'm on cloud nine," concluded Hanamura.