One More....

And then there was one.  One game left.  One game remaining--with a never-before-realized goal at the end of this rainbow--for these true warriors.  One victory left before Hawaii can reach for the stars and hang with the stars of college football's true elite.

The win over Boise State was momentous on a number of fronts, and UH has certainly shown that it does deserve to dance on a new year's stage with the best of college football--with just one more win, one more cherry atop this sweet sundae of a season.  Hopefully, ignorant voters in faraway time zones won't let regional and perennial prejudices and self-serving conference coffer riches stand in the way of what's fair; hopefully, justice will prevail for UH in the form of a vaunted BCS bowl berth--with just one more win.

The win won't come easy, and it shouldn't.  This team has overcome road obstacles, on-the-field mistakes, injuries, and naysayers to stand where no UH football team has ever stood before.  These cardiac kids have provided us with an autumn for the ages, alongside wonderful 2007 WAC titles for UH sister teams in volleyball and soccer.

So, we wait, one more week, for one more win, for final confirmation and anointment.  It's been a great ride, a vicarious thrill for us all, a joyous journey with a team of destiny, and now we can focus, they can focus, on one more win.  Think about it.