UH Fans Scrambling for Sold-Out Tickets

Darin Yokoyama
Darin Yokoyama
Chuck Hercules
Chuck Hercules
John Hammer
John Hammer

AIEA (KHNL) -- The game is sold out, but University of Hawaii officials say people are still frantically calling for tickets.

The game against the Washington Huskies is expected to attract another record crowd.

UH officials say the crowd at the Boise State game at Aloha Stadium was the largest in UH history, and with history expected to repeat itself Saturday, both Warriors and Huskies fans are fighting to get a seat.

At Sweet Nothing's Bakery is a co-owner who has a bittersweet weekend coming up. Darin Yokoyama is Hawaii-born, but his loyalty is with his alma mater.

"I'm a little torn so it's going to be rough but I'll be sporting my UW gear stuff as you can see," said Yokoyama.

The sold out game has people scrambling for tickets. On Craigslist, Chuck Hercules sold three tickets for $400 within hours.

"I just bought them in thinking that somebody would need some. I had no idea it would be this crazy," said Hercules.

UH fan John Hammer says buying from scalpers is the way to go and cheaper than online.

"There's actually always extra tickets there. I've never been to a UH game and not gotten into the game," said Hammer.

Regardless of the amount of money people are willing to fork out for tickets, die-hard fans say witnessing the Warriors go down in history in person is priceless.

UH fans also have a chance to get tickets from season ticket holders who can't make it to the game through Ticket Marketplace, found on UH Manoa's Athletics Department website.

But UH officials say at the Boise game, tickets on that site sold within ten minutes after they were posted.

To access the Ticket Marketplace, click here or go to the link on this page.