Warriors Win Conference Honors

Colt Brennan
Colt Brennan

MANOA (KHNL) -- Another win.

Another set of awards for the University of Hawaii football team.

Quarterback Colt Brennan and linebacker Solomon Elimimian brought home WAC's offensive and defensive player of the week awards.

Both were thankful for the recognition and called the honor team awards. But with all the hype surrounding Hawaii and their first ever outright conference championship, the Warriors don't want anyone to lose perspective of the big picture.

"Everyone I know is saying BCS, BCS," said Colt Brennan. "If everyone wants that to be a reality, all the fans out there, then they need to really focus on Washington, because if we don't get through this weeks game, there's no chance of that happening."

That's the message the team wants to get out.

Everything is contingent on winning Saturday's game against the 4-8 Huskies, which won't be as easy as it looks on paper.

"They've played the hardest schedule," said June Jones. "I read in the paper it was the most difficult schedule in the country so they're pretty good. They beat Boise probably more handily than we beat them. They can play."

Washington also has nothing to lose, whereas the 12th ranked Warriors can either fulfill their dream season, or have all hopes of a big bowl game come crashing down.

"We don't want to be having a big party, and then this week lose to washington," said Elimimian. That's going to be embarrassing, that's just going to prove everybody right, so we were happy, but at the same time we know it can be gone in a second."

The Warriors fed off the energy of last Friday's crowd against Boise State, leading June Jones to call the fans the team's 12th man.

This week, Hawaii hopes for the same outpouring.

"We have another war this saturday and we're going to need another great performance from fans and players included," said Brennan. "If we get that win we can really have some fun."

Saturday's game is sold out. Unfortunately some learned that the hard way as they stopped by the stadium, hoping to get their hands on the hottest ticket in town.

"Hoping to get tickets but as the sign says sold out," said Tony Ngyuen. "I don't know, I probably won't try back."

Stadium officials will be enforcing similar traffic, parking and security measures as last friday's game.

For those of you planning to get to the stadium early, the lower parking lot opens at 1:30 PM. Other gates at 2:30 PM.

Kick off is at 6:30.