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Scientists Track Sea Turtles' Movement with Transmitters

George Balazs George Balazs
Marc Rice Marc Rice

By Leland Kim

OFF KAUAI (KHNL) -- Not much is known about how the Hawaiian green sea turtle live in the open ocean.  But, in this Pride of Hawaii report, a special project conducted by the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) hopes to change that.

These sea creatures attracted a lot of attention aboard the Pride of Hawaii cruise ship. It may be because they have miniature radio transmitters strapped to their backs. Scientists hope to unlock the mystery of how these sea turtles survive in the open ocean with these devices.

"Their purpose is to transmit locational information to orbiting satellites, six polar orbiting satellites of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration," said George Balazs, leader of the Marine Turtle Research Program at NOAA Fisheries.

"We can track them and find out where they go and better understand what their life cycle stage is out in the open ocean," said Marc Rice, director of the Sea Turtle Research Program at Hawaii Preparatory Academy.

Scientist hope to use the data they collect to help protect the turtles from dangers in the ocean. This is the second time NOAA scientists have conducted this project. These turtles were bred in captivity at Sea Life Park.

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