Police Step Up Security at UH, Boise State Game

Sherry Lyon
Sherry Lyon

HALAWA (KHNL) -- UH and Boise State fans sitting together, all getting along. Stadium officials created a special task specially to keep an eye out for unruly fans at this game.

Boise State fans say they heard about the Fresno game fiasco but that didn't stop them from coming.

Although some admitted they were hesitant.

In the stands, green and black mixing with blue and orange.

"I'm not a fighter, I'm a lover. I love everybody right on!" said UH fan, Jude Hookano.

With such an intense rivalry on the field, 50,000 fans packing UH stadium.

Police stepped up security to avoid a repeat of the UH Frenso State game where emotions ran so high, rival fans threw bottles at each other.

"Brah, all brothers from Hawaii should have more respect for each other," said UH fan, Jordan Sesman.

"Yeah, I agree unless it was like Cincinnati where they were throwing stuff at us. Then you can. But we gonna show aloha. It's Hawaii," said Alan Texiera.

Some Boise State fans who heard about the Fresno game fiasco admit they were hesitant to fly in, but their fears melted once they came.

"It's been wonderful. We love you guys. Thank you so much,"said Sherry Lyon.

Extra Honolulu police officers also patroled the stadium on the field and in the stands. Police say the level of security was almost as high as at the Pro Bowl game.