Madame Pele Brings New Energy

KILAUEA (KHNL)- The Thanksgiving holiday proves to be no day off for Madame Pele, as a new lava flow brings new energy to the Big Island.

Lava from this latest phase of the long running eruption began flowing at about 6 o'clock Thursday morning.

And even though the flow is advancing quite slowly, residents of the "royal gardens subdivision" are advised to keep informed about its progress.

The newest lava flows come from the south flank of Kilauea, and run almost directly over a relatively new vent that broke out this past July.

Aerial flights this morning determined one of the new flows had advanced 8 tenths of a mile in the direction of the Royal Gardens subdivision.

But geologists say the lava flow had become wider, and started to pond, more than 2 miles from the closest home.

As a result they say there is no immediate threat.

But there is new excitement. Not only for those who study the volcano, but for those who travel to the Big Island to marvel at the wonder of earth creating itself before their eyes.

"It was just amazing to see the lava, i'm just in awe of it. you could feel the heat even from the chopper and see large chunks of rock flowing down the river of molten lava," says Lana Gibson, a new Big Island resident.

And again while the latest flow poses no immediate threat to any property, nearby residents are being advised to stay informed to the current and future hazards posed by this eruption.

Scientists say beyond the dangers posed by the lava itself, the flows advancing through vegetation are extremely hazardous.

They can produce fire and methane explosions that could propel chunks of lava and rock several feet into the air.

If you want to monitor the eruption or learn more about it, you can find maps, photos, webcam views, and other information at the U.S. geological survey website.

Find the link on this page.