Oahu Pedestrian Deaths Ahead of 2006 Pace

HONOLULU (KHNL) - In the last 24 hours, two more pedestrians have died on Oahu.

A city bus hit a man near Aala Park Wednesday afternoon. Then Thursday, a man in a wheelchair who was hit while crossing a street in Kalihi two weeks ago died from his injuries.

Craig Guzinsky walks across the street, outside a crosswalk. With the number of pedestrian deaths on Oahu this year now ahead of last year's pace, he realizes jaywalking isn't a smart move.

"It's just unfortunate that we just don't always pay attention when we're crossing the road, and as drivers too," Guzinsky said. "So it just kind of goes both ways."

Police say a 50-year-old man was killed Wednesday, when he fell from a curb into the path of a city bus.

Nineteen pedestrians have now died on Oahu this year, compared to 18 at this time last year.

"It's horrible. Yea, it's really, it's really unfortunate," Guzinsky said. "We all just kind of run around, not really paying attention to the fact that there's other people's lives going on around us that we need to be respectful of."

KHNL News 8 maps out the locations of the 19 pedestrian fatalities this year. Investigators say only nine of the victims were in marked crosswalks at the time.

People we talked to say they do worry about the potential dangers out there.

"I could be in the middle of there and get hit for no reason at all," Maria Crunden, Kakaako resident, said. "So I think it's, it's really bad."

Some say the threat of a jaywalking ticket makes them safer pedestrians.

"Ever since I got that ticket, I will tell you I am double, super, extra careful," Hugh Crunden, Kakaako resident, said.

As we all should be.

Police say the condition of a pedestrian who was hit by a car on North School Street Wednesday night has improved.