Talk Story Follow-Up: Elevator Problems At Kuhio Park Terrace

Chad Taniguchi
Chad Taniguchi

KALIHI (KHNL)- Back in July a viewer complained his elderly mom had to walk up the stairs at Kuhio Park Terrace. The state assured us repairs were underway. But the viewer recently called back saying all elevators in building B were down so we went looking for answers.

When elevators are broken in building "B" Brandon Malong carries the baby in the stroller and the groceries up the stairs.

"The 11th floor so it's like it's a walk up the stairs," says Brandon Malong.

Since we first reported the problem the State Housing Authority is working to fix it.

"Since July, we spent the time and money to try to fix all the elevators in tower A. they are all working," says State Housing Executive Director Chad Taniguchi.

The broken down elevators in building B are nearly impossible to repair.

"These elevators are 43 year-old and so they need to be totally modernized, rebuilt, made like new. We are designing the new ones now." mentions Taniguchi.

One elevator works so slowly it doesn't meet state standards. "Although we got it to work, it's too slow so we still are not using it, " explains Taniguchi.

They are trying to get a variance to use it. Residents wait patiently for the freight elevator and a promise for the future.

"All six elevators here will be modernized." confirms Taniguchi.

It takes about a year to re-do each elevator so all six should be like new by September, 2009

"Oh yeah be better for everyone," says Malong.