Meals on Wheels Delivers Thanksgiving Dinner

Solomon Nihoa
Solomon Nihoa

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Some of the most heartfelt images we see on this Thanksgiving day are homebound seniors getting a special visit and a meal.

The group of volunteers is diverse, from Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann, to the Biker's Association, to members of Temple Emanu-el, who we followed along their Meals on Wheels delivery route.

Robert Nehmad and his son Michael have been delivering Thanksgiving meals to the seniors along this route for five years.

"Today is a day of thanks and appreciation, in America that's what we do every Thanksgiving. And, one way to show appreciation and say thanks is to show help other people who may have more of a need than we do," said volunteer Robert Nehmad.

It's a welcome visit for seniors like Emy Iosia, who lost her husband earlier this year.

More than 800 homebound Oahu seniors got a special delivery of hot food, and handmade greetings, thanks to the Lanakila Meals on Wheels program.

"Since everybody's gone when you're a senior citizen you're lonely. Your not happy but when the Meals on Wheels comes, its like we have something to do. It makes you happy, it makes you feel strong on the inside," said meal recipient Solomon Nihoa.

For many of these seniors, family has passed away.

"I think Thanksgiving is gathering with family. But, my family is gone already and you know it hurts," said Nihoa.

But, he feels good getting a visit from people who care.

"It makes you feel wanted," he said.

And, it makes the volunteers feel good, too.

"In a way it makes me feel bad that there are people in situations like that. But, I have to accept that that is life, and in a small way we do what we can to help," said Nehmad.