Light Airport Traffic the Day Before Thanksgiving

Debbie Martin
Debbie Martin
Susan Chang
Susan Chang

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- The day before Thanksgiving is typically a busy travel day, but does that hold true for this holiday season?

It wasn't busy at all at the airport by mid afternoon Wednesday. It seems people are getting a late start to their Thanksgiving weekend, or are simply staying home for the holidays.

Some terminals, like the international terminal, were practically empty, with only a handful of customers buying tickets. That coincided with plenty of open stalls at the airport parking structure. Some who were flying out, chose to get a ride.

"You had your friend drop you off. Why?" asked KHNL News 8.

"Because I expected a really big crowd at the airport for Thanksgiving holiday," said Debbie Martin, a Hawaii Kai resident traveling to San Francisco for Thanksgiving. "I'm really surprised actually. I expected it just to be a zoo."

"I mean, the parking lot was pretty packed but even I got to find parking in the front," said Susan Chang, another air traveler. "I got here pretty quickly."

It was a different story at the economy lot, near the airport off of Lagoon Drive. By Wednesday afternoon, almost all of the 360 spaces were filled.

Airport employees expected things to pick up Wednesday evening. And some speculate, people may be staying in town because of the big UH football game on Friday.

But, if you're planning leaving tomorrow, the advice is have someone drop you off because it could get a lot busier.