A Unique Way to Reduce and Reuse This Thanksgiving

Joyce Brouwers
Joyce Brouwers
Mindy Jaffe
Mindy Jaffe

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- We always generate a lot more trash during the holidays. But you can help minimize your waste, by turning your leftover food into fertilizer.

It's a wonderful way to recycle your "turkey day" food scraps, and leftovers! It's a worm bin, and you can get started without spending a lot of time, or money.

Preparing Thanksgiving dinner, these yam scraps would usually go into the trash, but Joyce Brouwers has discovered there's a better way.

"It sounded like something that would be beneficial for our home because we have so many food scraps," said Brouwers.

"We generate 50 thousand tons of wet waste or food waste every year on this island. It's 15 percent of our waste stream and all of that can be composted on site with worms."

Brouwers has been using a worn bin for 2 years, and loves it.

"It's the little bit that we can do, other than just tossing that usable recyclable material in the in the rubbish which then goes no place after that."

What would have been 400 pounds of waste in a landfill, reduced to only 20 pounds of fertilizer by the Brouwers family in a year.

"The worm's product is highly prized by gardeners. It's called vermicast. Its the worms poop and its rich in nutrients and micro organisms and very beneficial to plants."

Waikiki Worm founder, Mindy Jaffe, was inspired to start her business three years ago during the holiday season, because of all the extra waste.

"With the problem we have on the island with waste it's time we took some innovative new looks at how to manage it and how to deal with it," said Jaffe.

Jaffe will host a worm workshop this weekend, to find out how you can learn to worm, log onto www.waikikiworm.com.