National Media Hyping Warrior Game

HONOLULU KHNL) -- In less than 48 hours, the Warriors and Broncos will battle it out at Aloha Stadium. The Warriors look to stay focused for their big game, while head coach June Jones didn't even let Colt Brennan speak to the media today. However, the coach did make an appearance on ESPN's Jim Rome is Burning.

"Colt Brennan I still think will win the Heisman trophy if we win the next two games and all of America can see what he can do. He's had an amazing career," said Jones.

That's only one reason why this Friday's game is so big. Hawai'i also has a chance at winning an outright conference championship for the first time. And who can forget the possibility of a berth into the Bowl Championship Series. But that's all predicated on staying undefeated.

"We kind of knew the only way we would have any credibility was if we won them all, and the way we've done that is just focusing on the next one, and this one is Boise State and if we can do that we got another shot at a championship game," said Jones.

There is, however, a possibility Hawai'i could go undefeated and still not make it to a big bowl game.

"It's kind of frustrating, we've won 20 of our last 21 football games and it doesn't matter who you're playing which Michigan has found out and a lot of upsets this year, just to win is hard and these kids deserve better than what they've received," said Jones.

The warriors can only control what they can though, and Hawai'i feels they've got a great chance to beat Boise State for the first time since 1999

"We for the first time have all phases of the game and we have a chance to compete with them, they've got a good quarterback, we've got a great quarterback and hopefully we'll come out ahead."