Who Were Harry & Jeanette Weinberg?

Gary Kajiwara
Gary Kajiwara
Luther Park
Luther Park

HONOLULU (KHNL) - You've probably seen their names and maybe heard a little bit about them. But who exactly were Harry and Jeanette Weinberg?

Numerous buildings are named after the Weinberg's including at the Helping Hands Center for Human Services. The power couple has successfully created a charitable empire that has left a lasting mark across the islands.

Their names are everywhere.

But who exactly are Harry and Jeanette Weinberg?

In our quest to find out, we started at Castle Medical Center where three buildings bear the Weinberg name.

The Emergency Center, Medical Wellness Center, and at the Patient Care Wing.

"One of our favorite healing aspects here is the view of the koolau's. This is the only hospital where you can see the view of the koolau's," said Castle Medical Center President & CEO Kevin A. Roberts.

At Kuakini Medical Center, the Weinberg's name graces the MRI center, the Adult Day Health Program for nursing home patients, and the Emergency Department.

"They increased our capacity for the ER, actually doubled our capacity," said Gary Kajiwara, President and CEO of Kuakini Medical Center.

Services, modern buildings, high-tech equipment, all made possible thanks to million dollar donations from Harry & Jeanette over the past four decades.

"Oh, they're wonderful compassionate people," said Luther Park, a Castle Medical Center Board Member.

Park knew Harry Weinberg while he was still alive.

"Harry was a tough business man but a smart one and he had compassion for poor people," Park said.

Harry only had a 6th grade education, but his talent for business made him at one time the largest individual landowner in Hawaii. He and his wife created a foundation to share their wealth with the poor, the elderly and Jewish communities, through grants. Today, more than 15 years after the couple passed away, the Weinberg Foundation's assets have grown to $2 billion - one of the largest foundations in the nation.

A board now run runs the foundation. They refuse to do interviews, preferring to lay low and let the Weinberg's philanthropic work speak for itself, like at Kukui Children's Foundation Center, a place for kids who are abused, in foster care, or homeless.

And at the Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center.

The list goes on. Even after Harry and Jeanette have passed, their generosity continues to break ground, leaving a legacy that lives on wherever you see their name.

The Weinberg Foundation gives about $100 million worth of grants every year to charitable organizations, from Hawaii to the east coast, Israel, and the former Soviet Union.