Local Farm Offers Hawaiian Grown Christmas Trees

Aaron Obrien
Aaron Obrien

OAHU (KHNL) -- As the holiday season approaches many are looking forward to getting freshly cut Christmas trees.

But you don't have to wait for one to arrive in a container from the mainland.

Aaron Obrien of Helemano Farms is looking forward to offering islanders freshly cut Christmas trees.

Instead of picking up a tree from a strip mall parking lot, customers can have the same experience as those on the mainland.

"That's why my dad started this business, he wanted it for Hawaii," said Obrien.

On his 20 acres of land, there are more than 2000 trees to choose from.

There's a local Norfolk Pine and new species to Hawaii.

"I'm bringing in a Leland Cypress now. It's a mainland tree that's actually doing well here."

Over the past few years, Obrien has noticed more people who are interested in getting these island trees.

"Hopefully it keeps doubling like it has, hopefully 2000 this year."

There are other benefits in buying these locally grown trees.

"You're not bringing in any introduced species, whatever is on them is already here."

It's a lot of hard work all year round maintaining this farm but Obrien continues to grow trees in Hawaii in the spirit of Christmas.

"I've seen people actually crying.  The kids all love it."