Some University of Hawaii Buildings In Bad Shape

Marguerite Butler
Marguerite Butler

MANOA (KHNL) -- Rodents, peeling paint, termite infestation, electrical hazards and leaky roofs. A tour of the University Hawaii campus reveals there are aging buildings simply falling apart.

This is the College of Education building. This lattice work that's been eaten away by termites. And this is just one small part of a much larger problem.

University admistrators asked for $50 million last year for maintenance and repairs but only got $30 million. A fire and a flood. Two major disasters at the University of Hawaii in the past month illustrate a crumbling campus.

Some buildlings are falling apart and might even cause safety threats. The library's leaky roof could not handle a heavy rain and much of the Asia collection was flooded.

Electrical problems caused a fire that resulted in a flood at Edmundson hall. It's being closed. Now professors worry about where to go.

"That is a big concern of mine whether I'll have an appropriate lab space where I can have my experiments up and running," said Assistant Professor, Marguerite Butler.

There are rusty railings and door jams. Chairs you don't want to sit in. Professors say education suffers.

"We are trying to do cutting edge research here we are housed in this building built in the 60's for teaching not for research so we don't have the plumbing or the electrical," said Butler.

Forty percent of the buildings here now 40 years old.

This building built in 1943 has plumbing problems, termite damage. and braces holds up ceilings. Teachers set traps to catch rats.

The frustrating part according to Associate Dean Donald Young.

"Trying to get support for funding to replace these building with modern facilities."