Tigers Get New Digs

WAIKIKI (KHNL) -- The home of the Sumatran tigers at the Honolulu Zoo gets an extension.

The cats' new pad encompasses a 75-by-45 foot space.

"What we needed to do is expand the space so that the female can have an area to raise her cubs," said Honolulu Zoo Director Ken Redman.

At 16 years-old, Djileta has already produced a large family.

"Chrissie and Berani on the other side of the story have very few relatives that's why we want cubs from them to keep the genetic variability going," said Redman.

The new area has a tropical rain forest landscape behind the safety of a 6-by-8 inch glass viewing area.

"There's no way we would ever go in the exhibit with an animal with that power and that nature," said Redman.

Monday, it's Djileeta on display for the dedication of the new wing of the Sumatran tiger exhibit.

"She's getting first dibs on the exhibit she's got seniority," said Redman. "She's our prettiest one anyway."

The new exhibit will allow the female tigers, Djileta and Chrissie, to have their own territory. Berani the male will rotate between the two enclosures for special dates with Chrissie.

The Zoo Society raised most of the funds to build the new exhibit which cost around $200,000.