AARP Volunteers Take to the Streets After Critical Pedestrian Crash

Charlotte Peltz
Charlotte Peltz
Ron Lockwood
Ron Lockwood

MCCULLY (KHNL) -- Friends say one of Gwyne Isa's greatest fears was that a pedestrian would get hurt trying to cross South King Street near Hauoli Street in McCully. But no one imagined it would be the pedestrian safety advocate herself.

On Monday, AARP volunteers took to the street to raise awareness about the dangers in that area.

A woman breaks down in tears upon learning her friend was hit by a car. Sixty-three-year-old Gwyne Isa remains in critical condition, three days after a car, driven by a 90-year-old man, plowed into her as she walked across South King Street in McCully.

"My first reaction was anger and shock," said Ron Lockwood, the victim's friend. "And after that it was just, ok, what can we do to help the family."

The victim is an AARP pedestrian safety advocate.

"Be sure you check each lane as you go across," Charlotte Peltz, AARP volunteer, told a group of pedestrians.

Peltz and other AARP volunteers gather near the crash scene, and brave the rain, to raise awareness about the dangerous crossing.

"I see too many cars that are, drivers that are going just too fast and not looking from side to side," Peltz said.

Despite their educational efforts, we witness several close calls.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!" our news photographer said, when a car stopped just short of a pedestrian.

"It's very upsetting because we think that we're making some headway with people realizing that they need to be aware," Peltz said.

With thoughts on their injured friend, the volunteers plead with drivers to slow down.

"An extra three minutes to get somewhere, it's worth it," Lockwood said. "It's not worth going through what this driver went through or what Gwyne's family is going through."

No doubt it's pain on both sides.

The AARP says it's happy the city plans to install pedestrian safety features at one of the dangerous crosswalks in the area. The group expects the project will happen before the end of next June.