Family of Murder Victim Asks for Justice

Malanie McLellan
Malanie McLellan

(KHNL) -- The brutal rape and murder of Karen Ertell, an Ewa Beach woman, stunned many around Oahu earlier this year.

But what has also shocked the family of the victim, is what they call the painfully slow proceedings to try the suspect arrested in her death.

The body of 51-year old Karen Ertell was found in her Ewa Beach home. Police arrested her 15-year-old neighbor. Ertell's family and friends are frustrated.

They just want the wheels of justice to start turning in the case of Karen Ertell who was raped and murdered last May.

"It's already been 6 months since my mothers been murdered and we're not any closer," said Malanie McLellan, victim's daughter.

They're waiting for a decision on whether or not the teen suspect will be tried as an adult.

"The hearings to determine whether the boy is going to be tried as a juvenile or an adult has been delayed for a third time," said McLellan.

Now they will have to wait until next year.

"I feel like January 29th is going to come around and they're going to tell me it's been delayed again," said McLellan.

There are constant reminders of how Karen Ertell touched their lives.