Big Island Visitors Bureau Promotes Science Tourism

Kristin McGrath
Kristin McGrath

HAWAII ISLAND (KHNL) -- Hawaii Island's got everything, from sun to snow. And now, it's trying to tempt tourists with another offering: science. Kristin McGrath of the Big Island Visitors Bureau talks about its new marketing niche. "The Big Island Visitors Bureau wants more people to know about all the science adventures and learning adventures on the Big Island, so we started a new marketing push to promote science tourism for the island."

McGrath believes they're the first in the nation to focus on science tourism. "Visitors, children and families can experience science in a very fun way on the Big Island. There's renewable energy, marine biology, volcanoes, astronomy, also agriculture, aquaculture, so many aspects of science on the island that we don't hear about much."

Hawaii grade schoolers are one target audience. "We hope they're able to find new ways to come to the Big Island on school trips and learn what's available here within the state."

The other target audience is travel agents. "The reaction we have from wholesalers and travel agents is, this is really new. This is really a new way we can come and experience what Hawaii has to offer."

It's a fun way to multi task! "Even on vacations, mothers and their families, the mothers like their kids to learn. It's like multi tasking on vacation that, 'We're going to have fun and be together as a family but also to learn and enrich our kids lives while we're traveling."