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Who Is Hawaii's Strongest Dog?

Keakalani Yamashiro Keakalani Yamashiro
Priscilla McDaniel Priscilla McDaniel

By Paul Drewes and Mary Simms

KANEOHE (KHNL) -- There was a dog eat dog competition Sunday on the Windward side. A bunch of canines competed to see who was the biggest and strongest dog of them all.

This pitbull plans on pulling his own weight, and then some, as an announcer calls out, "Good pull, 300 pounds!"

This is "Hawaii's Strongest Dog Weight Pulling Competition" where the contest wasn't just for big dogs, but also for little ones. Keakalani Yanashiro holds her Chihuahua, Boner, said, "It's a fun thing. People think of animals like kids. It's an event for them to do, a little activity."

Her Chihuahua got performance anxiety and couldn't pull the weight while our camera was there. But she claims he's strong for a 6-pound pooch. "He pulled 500 pounds at the Bully Bash, but I guess now he's a little nervous."

Organizers say this is a great way to get people to spend time with their dogs. American Bulldog owners like Priscilla McDaniel say it puts their dogs in a positive light. "Lot of people have a negative feel for the pit bull and bull dogs, and they're really good dogs. it just depends on how you bring them up. They're really good family dogs: loyal, smart. This shows the good side of them."

McDaniel said her dog, Samson, is just a big baby. "I've been keeping him out of the rain. He's a prissy dog. He doesn't like rain."

When it comes to changing bad stereotypes about pit bulls, owners say they don't want to let sleeping dogs lie.

The winner of the Pound for Pound competition is a pitbull named Kale.

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