Young Bros. Gets New Barges

Glenn Hong
Glenn Hong

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Out with the old, in with the new. Hawaii's largest inter-island cargo company has a brand new barge, now up and running. Young Brothers calls it a new beginning. Lifting cargo service to a higher level, President Glenn Hong said this brand new barge marks a turning point in its century-long history.

"We're very excited because this really means a new era for us at Young Brothers and our ability to serve the neighbor islands, " Hong said.

This is the first of four barges, designed to replace old, deteriorating ones.  "Barges like cars get old and at some point in time they don't fit the service they're not exactly right for the new requirements on the Neighbor Islands as they change and the repair costs get to be so horrendous that it's not worth keeping anymore," he said.

The new barges are bigger and can replace two old ones and carry more cargo around the state. "We have a 40 ton lift taking some boxes. We have some Matson boxes, some Young Brothers boxes we've got some Horizon boxes. We have a lot of things that are being brought in by customers," Hong said.

This is part of a $186 million investment designed to enhance service, and meet the growing need to ship island to island. The new barge just completed its first trip to Kauai on Friday morning.

Young Brothers' second new barge arrives next April, the third in July, and the fourth and final will be in 2009.