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Fire Destroys Mililani Home

Michael Lamug Michael Lamug
Catherine Lamug Catherine Lamug
Ludy Lucas Ludy Lucas

By Beth Hillyer

MILILANI (KHNL) -- A Mililani family is picking up the pieces after a fire this morning destroys their home. Six-year-old and four year-old brothers smelled smoke and woke up their uncle. Michael Lamug quickly got the kids out of the house and all three escaped unharmed.

From the front, the house doesn't look too bad. But on closer look, almost the entire lower and upper floors are destroyed. Michael Lamug and his nephews barely got out. "Yeah they were the ones that smelled it saw it ran to my room told me something burning see the flames what they are talking about panic told them to get outside," recalls Michael Lamug.

Fire officials aren't saying if there were smoke detectors.

"They were inside house playing video games and he was in the other room upstairs and he smelled something so Noah woke him up uncle, uncle something is burning. He quickly checked. The storage outside was in flames so he quickly took them out, " homeowner Catherine Lamug said.

But while he was trying to hose down the flames the kids tried to go inside. Luckily a neighbor stopped them.

"There was 2 kids 4-5 years old they wanted to go back in the house and I grabbed them scolded, my wife took them," Ludy Lucas said.

Lamug and his neighbors tried to fight the fire themselves.

"It was just too strong it caught onto the house real fast ," Michael Lamug said.

Firefighters extinguished the fire. Now investigators are looking for a cause.

The family is looking for ways to cope with the loss.

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