AARP Pedestrian Safety Volunteer Becomes Crash Victim

Julie Chock
Julie Chock

MCCULLY (KHNL) -- For the second time in two days, an elderly person is hit by a car while crossing a street on Oahu.

The pedestrian in Friday's crash was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

A 90-year-old driver sits in his car, as traffic investigators take measurements at the scene. Police say his car plowed into a 63-year-old woman, as she walked across South King Street near Hauoli Street at about 11:20 am.

"I just saw people running out, and I ran out as well to see if she was ok," Micah McDermott, witness, said. "And she was kind of unresponsive."

The AARP says the victim participated in a pedestrian safety audit at the same intersection last year.

"One lady was checking her pulse making sure she was ok," McDermott said. "One guy was shading her in the shade."

People familiar with the intersection describe it as dangerous, and are calling for safety improvements.

Seventy-two-year-old Julie Chock walks to stay fit, but says she gets nervous here because there's no traffic light.

"I always feel more comfortable when there's somebody else crossing with me, I'm not crossing alone," she said. "I feel that maybe there's safety in numbers."

The driver, while shaken up, is not hurt.

"He was mumbling," McDermott said. "He was kind of, he was watching, kind of making sure she was ok."

There have been three pedestrian crashes in two days. Police are urging all drivers to be more careful.

"It is a tragedy," Lt. Gerrit Kurihara, Honolulu Police Department, said. "And all I can say is that people need to be aware that when they're driving a vehicle, that's exactly what they should be concentrating on."

"I don't know, I think it's both," Chock said. "We both have to watch, the pedestrian and the driver."

So both sides can share the road safely.

Investigators say speed and alcohol are not factors in this crash.