ACLU to Sue State Over Teacher Drug Testing

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- The American Civil Liberties Union plans to sue the Lingle administration in federal court to stop a plan for random teacher drug testing that would effect as many as 13,500 teachers, librarians and administrative workers.

The legal group says random drug testing violates Hawaii's educators' constitutional right to privacy and teaches an abject civics lesson to students.

The ACLU filed a five-page demand letter last month asking Lingle to consider withdrawing her plan by November 15.

Carlie Ware, a staff attorney with the ACLU, says the governor responded with a note, dated October 22, saying she found nothing in the demand letter that would change her plan to go forward with the drug testing.

The plan is expected to happen at the end of June 2008.  Ware says the ACLU is hoping to stop the drug testing before it starts.

More than 200 educators contacted the ACLU seeking to challenge the random drug testing policy.