Honolulu Police Order Additional Crown Victoria Patrol Cars

Bill Lindsey
Bill Lindsey

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- With sales to the general public down, is the Ford Crown Victoria in danger of being phased out? And if so, how would that affect the Honolulu Police Department, which uses Crown Vics as patrol cars?

It's described as a workhorse for the Honolulu Police Department and other law enforcement agencies on the mainland. On Oahu, Ford's Crown Victorias are the easily-recognizable, blue-and-white patrol cars.

"It's a very durable car and it doesn't break down often," Bill Lindsey, Cutter Ford Aiea fleet manager, said. "So they run these things 24 hours a day. So they just shift drivers, and they stand up to it."

But you'd be hard pressed to find one on the Cutter Ford Aiea sales floor. The dealership says it sells very few Crown Vics to the general public, but it's relationship with Honolulu police continues.

"They're pretty well staying with it, the Crown Vic," Lindsey said. "In fact, this year, they didn't entertain anything else but the Crown Vic."

Honolulu police also rely on subsidized vehicles. Right now, there are about 1,230 subsidized police cars.

As for the Crown Vics, the department says it plans to keep ordering.

"They've been using them for about the last 12 years or so," Lindsey said. "And we just, there was a bid that just happened for 68 more units, and then they're looking at another 87 next year."

HPD says it currently has about 300 Crown Victoria blue and whites in its fleet.