Students Unveil Smoke Free Project

Yasmina Taketa
Yasmina Taketa

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Hawaii's smoking ban went into effect a year ago on November 15.

To mark the occasion, some local high school students unveiled a project aimed at raising awareness about the dangers of tobacco. The project is called "Smoking the Wall".

It shows the collective work of a group known as "Hawaii's Youth Movement Exposing the Tobacco Industry".

The youth advocates turned the 170 foot long campus wall into an artistic expresstion to spell out the dangers of smoking.

"We're trying the spread the word by using art and saying that the smoking industries are attacking the youth because were kind of easy I guess," said senior Yasmina Taketa.

The students took direct aim at tobacco companies, as well as the deadly ingredients found in all tobacco products.

Right now the smoking rate among high students is at an all time low of 12 .6%.