Honolulu Hale Christmas Tree Selected

MILILANI (KHNL) -- It is an annual event, that brought many out to Mililani.

One that has put some in the holiday spirit, but made others cringe at a Christmas tradition.

The sounds of the upcoming holiday fill the air in Central Oahu.

City workers scurry around and the blinking of lights show that Christmas is right around the corner.

To get ready for the holiday, the perfect Christmas tree is picked out in a quiet Mililani neighborhood.

"It was planted in 1983 in remembrance of a little girl who died of leukemia so her family put in in remembrance of her death." says Tania Carlmark, a Mililani resident.

The tree is not only filled with history, but it is majestic, tall and full enough to be the centerpiece of the city lights display at Honolulu Hale.

Neighbors come out to see this Christmas tree cut down and packed up, ready to be taken to downtown for the upcoming holidays.

Instead of just being chopped down as planned for this aging tree.

"Most of us are excited that it is not going to the dump or mulch and thousands can enjoy it like we have enjoyed it for all these years." adds Carlmark.

But not all are excited over this holiday tradition coming to Mililani.

"I'm not happy about it at all." says Robyn Meyer, of Mililani.

Meyer has lived in the shade of this tree for decades. She wrote a letter to the city, asking for it to be saved. But instead it was cut down.

So for her, this Christmas will be bittersweet, as thousands get to see this magnificent holiday tree.

"Honolulu Hale gets a tree for one season, it's a beautiful tree, but we lose a tree forever." says Meyer.

The 70 foot Christmas tree will be planted this Friday morning at Honolulu Hale, and then decorated for the holidays.