Community Shaken by Rockslide

Kathryn Ball
Kathryn Ball

HAWAII KAI (KHNL) -- Families in an East Oahu community are once again shaken by a dangerous visitor from above. November 2002, huge boulders fall onto parked cars forcing several families to evacuate. Now, nearly 5 years later, it happens again, in the same subdivision.

This time it's a two and a half ton boulder disrupting life there. It crashed down just before midnight and landed 10 feet away from where Kathryn Ball's family slept. Her 5-year old son says he could hear the huge rock tumbling down the hill.

A nearby area of the mountainside is secure, but that doesn't give any comfort to those living below this precarious ledge.

Monday night, their fears came true.

"It came down off of the top of the roadway, must have ricocheted off of this fence, and ended up here," said site manager Joe Ornellas. "I was stunned -- I mean what else can you say? My concern was for the people who live in this unit."

No one got hurt, but residents are concerned about what's still left on the hillside.

"My main concern is that its a piece that's holding up a bigger piece," said resident Kathryn Ball.

In spite of the condition of her patio, Kathryn is concerned but calm.

"I'm good with disasters. I need to hear the information, find out what to do with it, and take care of it," she said.

Geo labs has been hired to survey the area and figure out how to stabilize it, hopefully preventing future rock slides.

"I'd like to find out soon if there are going to be more coming down, or what the surveyors have found since last night and then we'll be able to sleep better," said Ball.