It's Giving Time

Believe it or not, the holiday season is upon us.  Whether it's the Hawaii Foodbank, Meals on Wheels, a homeless shelter, or the Hawaii Blood Bank, you can once again make a difference in our community through your personal efforts and donations.  And what better time than right now, before the days and nights get even more hectic, traffic builds up, and the angst of the season can overwhelm even the merriest of souls.

We have an amazing ability in Hawaii to share, to give back, to empathize, to care.  And there are numerous ways available to you to make sure that this is more than just lip service.  So along with the annual goodie baskets and good tidings that we spread to family, friends, and co-workers, how about taking a little time to give some canned goods, some blood, some time, some cash, toward a great cause of your choice.

We always teach our kids about the spirit of giving, about being nice and not naughty, about helping those who need help.  We also teach kids that actions speak louder than words. Whether it's mid-November or Christmas day, you can make a difference some how, some way.  Why wait?  Don't just ponder it, do it.  Making a difference--isn't that one of the jolly reasons we're all here in the first place?  Think About It.