Families Spending Veterans Day Together

WAHAIWA (KHNL) --  Although Veterans Day was Sunday, many had the day off to observe and honor the holiday today.

But for one family, their father has been deployed to Iraq twice.

So Monday, was spent with his family, as he shared with them, the significance of the holiday.

"It's not going to rain today. It's beautiful outside. 57 so how many minutes?"

"Three minutes."

"There's a motorcycle police."

"It just means a day that we give thanks to the military members across the time that they were giving their lives, " said James Swallow  of the 25th infantry.

"He's Uncle Sam. He's the United States."

"You should be in the parade, too."

"It's Veterans Day. Daddy's a veteran."

"It's a big bonding time for us. I spent 15 months apart. It was a 15-month deployment so half their lives I was basically been gone."

"Look at all the army guys go."

"Whoa, look at there guys!"

"They're saying ready let's go and there they go. Veterans Day do you know what that means? It's for when all the army guys and all the people in the military who go off and fight wars, this is how we say thank you across the whole United States nobody goes to school or to work."

"Happy Veterans Day."

"Parade's over...it's all done."