Foster Children Receive Priceless Hawaiian Bracelets

Patrick Breeden
Patrick Breeden

HONOLULU (KHNL) --  Giving out Hawaiian bracelets is a tradition in many island families. A tradiiton some teens in foster care never get to be a part of.

But thanks to the owner of Royal Hawaiian Heritage Jewelry, dozens of local foster kids get a bracelet of their own.

They get to select the size and design.  Then each bracelet is engraved for them.

"We thought it would be a great idea to give them a little something for Christmas, it's great to see a great smile," said jeweler Patrick Breeden.  "These kids have gone through some tough times and we are just trying to bring a smile to their face."

The program is a partnership of the jewelry store and the Department of Human Services.

Kokua Ohana, a Native Hawaiian foster family support group, also teamed up to make their priceless presents possible.

It's a heirloom these Hawaiian children can cherish and pass onto their children someday.