Fans Reaching Out to Brennan

Karen Iseri
Karen Iseri
Grant Shishido
Grant Shishido

MANOA (KHNL) -- Hawaii Warrior quarterback, Colt Brennan, returned to the practice field, two days after being knocked-out of the Warriors' game against Fresno State at Aloha Stadium.

He only watched, as Brennan is listed as day-to-day.

So, it's unclear if he'll play Friday night against Nevada.

Colt Brennan fans took advantage of the Veterans Day holiday to meet the injured quarterback and to offer him their support.

Dozens of fans, decked-out in Warrior green, stood out in the hot Manoa sun waiting to meet one guy.

Colt Brennan.

The combination of a holiday, and the urgency following Brennan's violent collision with Fresno State linebacker, Marcus Riley, Saturday night, led to a larger than normal crowd at practice.

These fans vividly remember the moment of impact.

''The whole stadium became so silent and we started praying as a family and we saw the players on the field praying, said Karen Iseri, a Warrior Football fan.

''Everybody, even Fresno fans probably felt bad for him because those kinds of injuries for anybody is not good," said Warrior fan Grant Shishido.  "We're just happy to see him on the field today and he looks a lot better."

Doctors will monitor Brennan's condition as this week's Nevada game looms closer.

Warrior Head Coach June Jones indicated, it'll be a game day decision to play his Heisman Trophy contender.

So, for now, it's light duty for Brennan, as he hopes to avoid wearing out his throwing arm by signing too many autographs.

''It's awesome. I've already felt this before, when I went down against Utah State, I could feel the love and the support," said Brennan.  "I can't thank the fans and my teammates enough. This is the game we play. I'll be fine. I'll bounce back and be ready to go."

Let the record reflect, young Krysten Nakamura, did get to meet Colt Brennan.

And she has the pictures to prove it.