Family Sacrifices, Is Proud to Serve

Major Stacy Bathrick
Major Stacy Bathrick
Major Cary Bathrick
Major Cary Bathrick

KAPOLEI (KHNL) -- While many remember the sacrifices of those who have already served on this Veterans Day, hundreds of Hawaii based Soldiers will soon be sacrificing their time with family and friends as they ship out to the Middle East.

This looming deadline has made this holiday, even more special.

The Bathrick family is no stranger to sacrifice. Three years ago, the dual military couple spent their fifth wedding anniversary together, during a year of service in Afghanistan. This time around, two new babies in the family, and dad's heading out to Iraq.  But, for Veterans Day, they just had some fun!

Veterans Day means free admission for military at Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park.

It's a treat these service members appreciate.  Some are just back from Iraq.  Others, are getting ready to go.

"It means everything. Every second I can have with them means the world to me and try and cherish it, try and capture it to keep stored up until I get home in 15 months," said Major Cary Bathrick.

Both field grade officers, the female Major Bathrick has a unique perspective as a soldier, wife, and mother.

"Well, the sacrifices that Cary and I are making are really no different than any other military family is making because our nation is at war right now.," said Major Stacy Bathrick.  "It is a challenging time, but its also very rewarding to know that we're going out and serving our country the way that we are."

Dad will deploy just after the twins celebrate their first birthday, -- but the family has a plan to make sure he stays close.

"We are going to make sure we have the babies play with their dolls that have daddy's voice. We have photos of him all over the house, and we have videos on DVD that they'll be able to watch every night of daddy," said Stacy Bathrick.

They sacrifice, but the Bathrick family says they're just proud to serve their country.

"We're just a family that's proud to serve," said Cary Bathrick. "Both my wife and I serve our nation proudly; and, for our babies so maybe they won't have to fight or do the things we've had to do."