Large Salt Lake Family Struggling to Find New Home

Kangichy Welle
Kangichy Welle
John Rex Ceasar
John Rex Ceasar

PEARL KAI (KHNL) -- A large Salt Lake family that lost just about everything in a deadly fire earlier this week is scrambling to find a new home. Locating a place for an extended family made up of some 30 people is quite the uphill battle.

"We don't know for sure where we're going to find a place," Kangichy Welle, victim's uncle, said. "And if we do find a place, if it's going to be available for how long."

The American Red Cross arranged temporary shelter at the Harbor Shores Apartment Hotel. But the fire victims know they can't stay there forever.

"The most unsettling thing is the timetable," Welle said.

Flames ripped through the family's home on Likini Street Wednesday.

Five-year-old John Rex Ceasar died in the fire. Relatives say he was a special child who got along with everyone.

"The family are still trying to get over the shock," Welle said.

The Red Cross calls this a unique situation, and says it's helping the large family connect with other resources so it can come up with a long-term recovery plan.

The agency says it will continue to provide the emergency shelter, for now.

"The deadline is coming very close," Welle said. "And we know it's a great challenge for the family, as well as the agencies that are trying to provide the donations."

A medical team performs check-ups on the fire victims. But there's no quick fix for a broken heart.

If you'd like to make a donation, visit any Bank of Hawaii branch. There's an account there called 'In Loving Memory of John Rex Ceasar.'