Nanakuli Homeless Harassed by Police?

NANAKULI (KHNL) - Homeless harassment is tonight's Talk Story, but the question is: who is harassing whom? An viewer who lives across Zablan Beach Park in Nanakuli wrote our Talk Story e mail and says the police are harassing homeless people there, and kicking them out of the beach parks. She worries it's violating their civil rights, and fears the homeless have nowhere else to go. She wishes to stay anonymous because, she says, she's afraid if it gets out that she said something, "then the police won't come out there when there are problems."

But, when we called police, they tell us just the opposite: that the neighborhood board asked police to do more patrols of the area.

Here's what one resident says about the beach "campers." This resident says he wants to stay anonymous because he's afraid of retaliation by the homeless. He lives across the street from a beach park heavily used by the campers.

"They have dogs loose and the people that live close by can't go back to enjoying it like we used to. We've had cars taken, cars broken into, houses broken into. There's a lot of problems at the beaches with fighting, drugs - it's not a good place. I've considered moving (out of Nanakuli) many times. It's sad."