Troublesome Timber Could Tie Up Traffic

Randy Iaea
Randy Iaea

(KHNL) -- When you drive down Farrington Highway, do you notice anything dangerous? Resident Randy Iaea certainly has. "There's a few kiawe trees on Farrington Highway on the ocean side, precariously leaning to the road side."

Iaea says it starts at Au Young Homestead Road and goes to Hakimo Road. It's a several mile stretch of highway which could easily turn into a traffic nightmare if one of the lanes got blocked. Iaea says, "It looks dangerous. I'd hate to see it fall and injure someone." Some of the trees hang over the roadway. Some are entangled in the lines.

You asked, we listened. Iaea's worried about accidents if a strong wind blows the branches or tree down, "like if the tree fell or lines come down, someone can get hurt, causing traffic chaos."

We asked the state to do something about it. The state Department of Transportation says it'll send an inspector out to look at the trees.

The DOT says if some of the trees end up being on private property, they will issue a notice to the land owner suggesting to maintain the trees, because if something happened, it could be the landowner's liability.