Mother Nature Leaves Mess at Oahu Beaches

Lisa Shiowaki
Lisa Shiowaki

KAHALA (KHNL) -- More mess to clean up from last weekend's first major rain storm of the season. One concerned Oahu resident contacted us through our "Talk Story" line to tell us many beaches are in need of a clean up.

Our beaches are famous the world over for being pristine and beautiful, but after a major downpour, some of them have lost a bit of their luster.

The soothing sound of the ocean.

A beautiful day to enjoy the beach.

But after dumping more than 10 inches of rain, Mother Nature left something else behind.

"It just makes the island look bad," said beachgoer Lisa Shiowaki.

She was looking forward to sharing a nice day at the beach with her daughters, but she's also sharing it with a bunch of twigs and branches.

"We didn't expect it to be like this," she said. "It just ruins our day, you know."

Besides nature's debris, there's man-made trash and even shards of glass sprinkled throughout the park.

Part of the problem is trash and other debris get washed into the ocean, and some beach goers wonder what it may do to our marine life.

"The island is supposed to be clean, and because of the rain, everybody's getting affected," said Kaire Shiowaki, Lisa's 14-year-old daughter. "And like the floods are going out, and all the sewage is going into the ocean, and it's like hurting the sea animals."

"It's polluting our ocean and it just makes us feel like we can't even go to the beach anymore," said Lisa Shiowaki. "You know, a clean beach and have our kids swim in it."

They hope someone cleans up the beach soon.

"I think they should take care of our island," said Lisa Shiowaki. "The city and county should do something about it."

Do something before more trash and debris pollute the ocean.

The Department of Parks and Recreation plans to clean up the beach in the next couple of days.